Understanding Organizations and the Role of Human Resources Activity

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Understanding Organizations and the Role of Human Resources Activity 2
Organization Strategy and Human Resources
An organizational strategy is the creation, implementation and evaluation of decisions within an organization that enables it to achieve its long term objectives. Key strategic considerations of organisation strategy include: 1) What re-configurations, reach extensions and strategic relationships will be necessary to deliver the intended strategy. 2) What new skills and capabilities will be needed and what changes in the procedures relating there too will be required. 3) What performance will be required and how these can be achieved. 4) What changes (if any), are required in the corporate culture to meet the new requirements. 5) How to integrate operational activities so as to align then with the new strategic objectives and plans. Once the strategy is formulated the most important phase of implementation has been undertaken. HUMAN RESOURCE FACTORS

Most of the organizations successful in strategy implementation consider human resource factor as vary important in making strategies happen because, according to then, consideration of human resource requires that management think about the organisations communication needs. That they articulate the strategies so that those charges with developing the corresponding action steps fully understand the strategy they’re to implement. In addition, human resource function is aware of the effects each new strategy will have on their human resource needs. HR is well placed to made valuable contributions in strategy implementation for the following reasons: It has an organization wide perspective due to the nature of its responsibilities. Strategy implementation is inherently a human issue and HR has the capability to contribute. HR has the necessary skills as compared to other areas to undertake strategy implementations. HR Activities that Support Organizational Strategy

The ability...
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