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Marks and Spencers Human Resource Management would have to be very efficient and resourceful so that all of their responsibilities are carried out well and smoothly. Human Resource Management is the management of the people within a business, by recruiting, training and retaining employees with the necessary skills and competencies to perform their jobs effectively. H.R.M. in general is responsible for: ====================================================================

Human Resource Planning (H.R.P) - this looks at how many employees the business will need in the future, as well as the kind of employee that will be needed (e.g. graduate trainees, skilled-manual and supervisors). H.R.P. also ensures that the 'right' employee is in the 'right' job, to ensure the most efficiency and success of the employees. As Marks and Spencers is quite a large company there will be lots of staff turnover and new recruits quite often.

Recruitment and selection of new employees - The recruitment and selection procedure starts when the business realises that there is a job, which needs to be filled. A job description is written out, this outlines the job title, as well as the tasks and the responsibilities that will be covered by the successful interviewee. The H.R.M. department need to advertise the job in newspapers, job centres, job agencies, the internet, radio, and internal notice-boards, so they can get as many people as possible to apply for the job. The job will probably be advertised inside the business as well. The advantages of employing someone from within the business are, that a shorter training and induction period is necessary, as well as far less time and money being spent. This is a Job Advert from the Marks and Spencers website for a job description/advert in human resource management: "Human Resource Management in Stores - As a key part of store management you'll work in partnership with the Commercial teams to increase the capabilities of our people and achieve results through flexible and innovative solutions. Our biggest asset is, and always has been, our people and you will ensure that the environment they work in is a positive one that embraces change, whilst remaining customer focussed. The Human Resource team is responsible for the implementation of a complete Performance Management Framework and cutting edge training packages to provide long lasting and measurable benefits. In addition you will deliver professional recruitment practices and processes alongside focussed quality support to your colleagues. You will also facilitate the application of the Company's Human Resource Policies. As a specialist in your field, working as part of the larger Human Resource team you will provide solutions that will enable your people to meet the challenges created by an ever-changing retail environment. Reporting to the Head of Human Resources, you will get real satisfaction from seeing that these accountabilities are met and that they work towards achieving the Company's business goals. ''

Training and development - Once the new employee has been selected for the job, they will probably need an induction training in order to help them settle into the new job. This training goes over the basics of the employee's job, as well as some background details e.g. the history of the business and number of employees and the range of different goods and services produced by the business. Training is not just for the new employees. Training courses are likely to be targeted at all employees in the business at different stages in their career e.g. management training courses, training on how to use new machinery and technology. There are many reasons for the huge amount of training used for the employees in a business:

- Training can improve employee productivity.

- Training...

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