H&M Human Resources Report

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H&M international human resources report

1) Introduction

H&M is an international clothing brand that was founded in Västerås; Sweden in 1947 by Erling Persson and now sells clothes around 38 countries on four continents with more than 2200 stores. It has been expanding strongly for many years, the staff are spread throughout the whole world this places a great demand of H&M as an employer.

H&M does not own any factories but has a heavy control in all of them ensuring that all of the company’s believes are being followed and that any human right its being violated.

“We commit to being ethical in all our operations. This includes the way we interact with our customers, our employees, our suppliers and all our other stakeholders. Our ethical approach is firmly rooted in our corporate values and we take a clear stand against corruption and any form of discrimination throughout our operations.”

As an international company H&M has to struggle with some issues when it is operating internationally specially in all what its associated with its human resources given the fact that every country its different and the people who works there have different capabilities and thoughts.

The purpose of this report is to show how H&M recruit, select and manage its international workforce and the linkages between them. 2) Recruitment:

H&M recruitment process is based on the Internet. H&M post its vacancies on their web page for ensuring a fair and equilibrate opportunity for everyone who is applying for a job inside the company.

For that reason in the “job listing” of the web page shows a set of videos, description of the job, responsibilities that the job implies and requirements that the applicants of the job should have, in order that in the case someone is looking for a job inside H&M this person could find easily what they are looking for, as well as identifying themselves with the job vacancy they want to perform.

“During 2010, we set out to improve on our recruitment process by identifying best practice in different H&M markets and streamlining our global approach. We launched a new career site, on which candidates are able to match themselves to different job roles. By creating a series of films, checklists and an online quiz, we now encourage candidates to find out for themselves if they have a profile and attitude that matches our culture and expectations. We aim for all candidates to have an equal chance to be chosen for a given position. Our Applicant Tracking System, launched in 2010, is designed to guarantee a good welcome and timely response for each new candidate. It also tracks their progress through the entire recruitment process, enabling us to maximise fair access to our positions. To date, the system has been rolled out in 10 countries.”

2.1) Job vacancies

When working at H&M the different job vacancies that are shown on the web page are divided in three groups and each group counts with different tasks inside that group:

a) Store:

* Sales advisor
* Floor manager
* Visual merchandiser
* Store manager

b) Distribution:

* Associate
* Manager

c) Support functions: Buying office in Sweden

* Pattern Manager
* Designer

As H&M is an international company working in many different countries with different languages and characteristics, its web page changes depending on the country from it is opened, this means that only the habitants of the country where the offered job vacancy is located are more likely to find the job, apply for it and being ask for an interview. 3) Selection:

The selection process in H&M follows their principle of equality trying to offer the same opportunities to each one of their applicants without any discrimination because of its gender, age or ethnicity.

As an international company for H&M to keep in mind that diversity is favourable for the operation of...

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