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Human Resources
The Human Resource is a strategic partner to H&M's business. They set standards for recruitment, implement training and support the development and growth of their entire organization. The human resource planning, the recruitment and the selection is one of the major human resource management responsibility. All to ensure their have the right people with the right skills in the right positions – and at the right time. H&M's goal is to be a fair partner to their employees and to act with integrity and respect towards everyone who contributes towards our success. H&M should be a place where everyone feels valued and able to develop. Employee relations at H&M

H&M strive for good relations with all their employees and with the employee associations and trade unions that represent them. Their employees have the right to collective bargaining. Accordingly, across all of our operations, around 63 percent of H&M employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. They also apply an ‘open door’ principle, which gives every employee the right to discuss work-related issues directly with management.

H&M has been expanding strongly for many years and with more than 104,000 employees in 49 markets. Their responsibility is greater than ever. H&M's approach is shaped by a fundamental respect for the individual. This applies to every aspect of employment, from fair wages, working hours and freedom of association to equal opportunities for growth and development within the company. A values driven workplace

The H&M culture is defined by a number of enduring values. No matter where they are in the world, their culture and spirit are instantly recognisable. Having a values-driven business has allowed them to build a nimble, proactive and lean organisation that can grow quickly. Having clear values can also help them to attract and retain the right people, further contributing to their success. They...
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