A Personnel Management Develop to Human Resources Management

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Task 01 A Personnel Management develop to Human resources management

Industrial revelation change the completely way of people life, they are thinking pattern, how they work how they socialise and how they engage with political environment .Industrial time duration was start the develop more technological factors, these period factories was need to enhance efficiency and cost cut down and it was led to crate new management style in to Business environment focusing with new society .It was help to born human resources management. In the pre industrial societies we can identify follow characters to manage people. Chain of command, Delegation of authority, Unity of command.

When we compare difference between Human resources Management and personnel management, human resources is explained much border scope rather than personnel management .Human resources systems try to achieve organisational goal with matching individuals goals .Primary goal is in human resources is to direct the company employees as more efficient and effectively, creating their happiness (Considering self enthusiasm), to achieve organisational goals. Other vice any one is able to seen distinct strategic planning in their systems. In the other hand HR systems try to give maximum benefits of their staff and can see proactive interfere to solve organisational human related issues.

Personnel management explain and using more administrative factors to achieve their organisational goals and they always try to motivate their staff with money , bonus ,incentive , in this system we cant see close relation ship among the managers and workers , supervisors and workers even managers and supervisors. Personnel management is consider an independent function of an organisation which is represent only personnel department responsibilities also that function will takes more reactive aspects hence we can identify poor feed back on human related problem solving.

Human resources management consider and...
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