A New Mandate for Human Resources

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A new mandate for Human Resources
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As of now the HR department is perceived to be incompetent and inefficient, but looking at the rapid changes happening around the world, HR’s roles and responsibilities have to evolve. There is a need for creating an entirely new role and agenda for the field, which judges HR not on activities it executes, but on outcomes it delivers. Below are few important changes in business world, which emphasise the importance of HR going forward: 1. Globalization is happening at a fast pace, which requires collaboration among employees from various cultures and countries. 2. Profitability through growth is the need of the hour. To achieve this, organizations would require induction of new employees, innovative ideas, efficient flow of information among employees etc. 3. Upcoming technologies are opening new doors for betterment of HR functions such as news broadcast to employees, feedback gathering, employee survey etc. 4. With the rapid growth, knowledge workers have become a competitive advantage for organizations. Organizations need to retain such employees for driving organization growth. 5. With cut throat competition, to be successful, companies need to put themselves in never ending state of transformation. HR can help in following ways to deliver the organizational excellence: 1. It can take role of a partner in Strategy Execution by taking responsibility of defining an organizational structure, conducting organizational audits and identifying methods for renovating the parts of the organizational architecture. Finally HR needs to join hands with operating managers to assess the impact of each of these initiatives. 2. HR needs to become an Administrative expert by helping in improving the efficiency of the overall organization. 3. HR needs to become an Employee Champion. It needs to engage employees, and also become their voice in management discussions. 4. HR would need to become a change agent by...
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