A day to remember

Topics: Fishing, Sky, Old age Pages: 4 (1859 words) Published: December 8, 2013
A Day To Remember
It was midday, but the sky was dark. My friends and I went to a shopping mall and did the usual things like shopping. However, today was something different and we felt it. We felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere because after we shopped we walked home together. Our houses was next to the mall street. My friend’s name is Emel and she pointed at the skies “Look! There is something different and scary in the dark skies.” I looked up in the skies and saw a white object flying very fast and quickly went hiding behind the dark clouds. “What is that?” I shouted at my friend, but she looked shocked as well. “We should run home and tell our parents quickly or something bad will happen, I felt.” I said. Another of my friend’s name is Fikriyah and she looked like she was crying. Suddenly, a sound of thunder could be heard from above the sky. I looked at my watch and it was only one o’clock. The thunder was very loud and we screamed a bit. We ran to our houses quickly with our pink, plastic shopping bags. Thunder made a noise again and suddenly I could see the white flying object. We saw inside the ship people with shiny, big eyes. The colour of the eyes was grey and the alien’s skin was purple and also shining. The aliens went down to the ground and went out of the ship to talk to the scared people near them. The alien with the big eyes said, “Please don’t be scared! I’m not here to do dangerous things.” He shook the hands of the people around him, but people still felt scared. A minute later, we thought the aliens were friendly people. We laughed and told stories about their planet and our planet. They had to go home after that. Then they went inside the ship and flew up to the skies. It was a day that I will never forget til the day I die. The disastrous event that I have ever experienced

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Aqeel. He liked listening to the forest sounds in the jungle. In the jungle he also liked to fish because there was a...
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