A Brochure to Attract Visitors to Your Hometown

Topics: Pakistan, City, Food Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Karachi is known as the city of lights and it for surely represents itself for what it is known as. It is one of the largest cities in Pakistan and the main business center adding more than 50% of business to the economy of the country.

Living in Karachi is exciting as well an enriching and diverse cultural experience. It is a city situated on the shore of the Arabian Sea thus having many beaches for recreational purposes. It is an easy city to get around and visit. Karachi is Pakistan’s most cosmopolitan city and has much to offer. There are many Five-star hotels and office towers in the city center. Bazaars and markets bustle with people and sell nearly anything one can imagine. Fruits and vegetables are available in abundance. There are seasonal and year round fruits, among them the coveted mangoes of the summer, and the tangerines, oranges, plump grapefruits and pomegranates that are sought after in winter Bananas, apples and coconut are common year round. All kinds of seafood, poultry and meat products are easily available in supermarkets and the commissary. Imported food products are easily accessible and most expatriates enjoy shopping at Agha’s, Paradise and TesMart (a franchise of the UK), one-stop supermarkets. Huge malls are popular nowadays for young people to hang out with the availability of 3D cinemas and food courts in it. Part Towers, The Forum, Dolmen Mall, Millennium Mall, Atrium Mall are a few to mention. People move in from other provinces of the country to find work and the streets are alive with color and energy.

There are a variety of activities available in Karachi for recreation and enjoyment. Occasional theater performances, concerts, musical performances and various galas have become more common. And nowadays there is even the availability of western cinema and nightclubs as well, though restaurants abound.

Pakistani cuisine is a highlight of living in Karachi. Pakistani cooking is a unique blend of traditional and modern...
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