Zombie Apocalypse Outline

Topics: Shopping mall, The Zombies, Strategy Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Mahmood Sultan
Mustafa Al Ghanim
Ahmed Al Massaed
I. Introduction
A. Christina and Kondo had arrived to Kuwait’s international airport and we were on our way to 360 mall to have lunch B. Mahmood Sultan, a crazy teen from Lebanon and a victim of social networks. Mustafa al Ghanim, an average Kuwaiti teen, very pious and old fashioned, enjoys a nice laugh with good friends. Ahmed al Massaed is a very weird - in a good way – Kuwaiti teen, strongly devoted to God. Christina Eliopolis is a Colonel and a pilot from Tennessee. Kondo Tatsumi is a Japanese Samurai. C. We will survive “The Great Panic” for one month by getting supplies from Geant, use 360’s food court; Kondo Tatsumi with the help of Colonel Christina will put a strategy plan of survival.

II. Overarching Strategy
D. Just like with the Redecker plan, we will be sacrificing kids while we remain in an easily guarded mall with few points of entrance for the undead. E. We will be eating lunch when we hear people yelling, we look at the ground floor and we see a zombie attack, we directly start thinking of a plan. We directly thought of Geant the supermarket, but there is no way down until Mustafa thought of the elevator so we all ran to the elevator except for Kondo who will go and search for the emergency engine and he will follow us. We arrive to Geant and apparently the zombies had not discovered it yet. Geant had huge metal gates that would close the whole market from the ceiling to the ground; we searched for the control room and closed it even though a lot of people were thereWe expect to be kept relatively safe here with ample food rations until a time when we need to actively fight against the undead. F. Find anything that we can use to defend ourselves or attack with in Geant that could be helpful for us, we will use the empty fridges, the closets, and the vents as our places to hide. Anything that has a scent will be used to distract...
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