Zinn Chapter 14

Topics: World War I, Socialism, World War II Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: April 28, 2013
1. Who was Randolph Bourne?
a. A radical writer in the 1900s
2. What year did World War One start?
b. 1914
3. Define Socialism.
c. A Marxist theory, following capitalism and collective principles. 4. What were some of the benefits of WW1?
d. The economoy flourished , patriotism increased and class struggle was stopped. 5. What happened in the first three years of the war?
e. The war was practically stationary there was no progress occurring. 6. Why did the countries not tell their citizens about the casualties? f. Because the casualties were in the extremes and they did not want to scare their citizens to back out of the war. 7. What was the first action that caused Wilson to rethink isolationism? g. The Germans threatening to sink all of the merchant ships sent to their enemy. 8. What were some of the consequences of the war?

h. As soon as the war started the economy started to suffer as well. Because of the increasing violence US was losing money in their trades. 9. What did Du Bois write that was later considered by the US government? i. He wrote Lenin’s Imperialism.

10. Who was George Creel?
j. A veteran reporter who became the official propagandist for the war. He set up the Committee on Public information. 11. What did the Committee on Public Information do?
k. It tried to persuade the Americans that war was the right thing to do. It sponsored 75,000 speakers to spread the word. This included the four minute men. 12. What was Samuel Gompers in charge of?

l. He was in charge of American Alliance for Labor and Democracy union. 13. What was the American Alliance for Labor and Democracy union? m. The purpose was to unify sentiment in the nation, was opposed to war. 14. What did Schenk vs US lead to in 1917?

n. The espionage and sedition acts.
15. What were the espionage and seditin acts?
o. IT was a clause that...
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