Zara's Merchandising

Topics: Commerce, Retailing, Market Pages: 4 (676 words) Published: April 15, 2013
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Buying + Merchandising

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10 Credits

Year 2012 / 2013

Project brief

“middlemen were having a negative effect, siphoning off value which could, or indeed should, be part of the direct benefit to the consumer. They should be eliminated, then, rendered unnecessary in the path from factory to customer. In other words the key began to be increasingly one which would be a distinctive element of Zara: integrating production and distribution” (Badia 2009 p58) Zara, part of Inditext, has achieved global success by taking control of the processes from design stage direct to the customer in store. Competitors choose to minimize cost and risk by outsourcing many of their production and product development responsibilities whereas Zara only outsources ‘core’ product.

a. Define the market.
Current global market situation and evolution, what characteristics define the global and local markets, distribution channel characteristics.

b. Identify the competitors.
Who are the main competitors in this global market place? Define their positioning and their target market

c. Understand the consumer.
Exactly who are the consumers that buy fashion product at this level? What are their motivations? What are their expectations?

Marking Schedule| Percentage allocated|
Evaluation of the retailer, the competitive environment and the target market| 85%| Evidence of research(Number of references, range of sources, relevance and style: Harvard only)| 10%| Structure and presentation| 5%|

The report will be between 2,000 words in length (+/- 10%) covering all learning outcomes.

Include your word count at the end of the report. This will account for 100% of your mark.

Further details and requirements

* The assessment covers all learning outcomes as stated in the module specification. * Report format for the...
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