Young People Enjoyed Life More Than the Olds

Topics: Personal life, Ageism, Death Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Young people enjoy life more than older people do
I agree. Though old people have much more spare time to spend with their families, more insurance fee to prepare for the emergency, and more life experience, yet, I still think young people live amore enjoy life then old people do. Young people are healthier than old people. As we all know, sports are good for people, which can not only improve our bodies, but also release our stress. Now, many kinds of extreme sports are available for young people to, such as car racing and bungee. Obviously, never would the old people choose these ways to enjoy life, even they don't want do any sports because of the poor health condition. Furthermore, the old people have the higher rate of suffering from serious diseases and pain. Therefore, I don't think a old person could have more happiness than young people. Besides health condition, the stress from families is a problem. The young people have less stress than old people because looking after himself well and being independent is primary, for they usually don't have children and they also needn't worry about whether to care for their parents. However, there are so many questions should trouble the old people. For example, how to arrange their heritage is very difficult, which may cause quarrel among the families and destroy the happiness of a family. So, as far as I am concerned, the young people may be happier.  Indeed, the old people have more experience about how to be successful. However, it is these experience that limit the development of a career because they might not aware the new changes of modern society. Thus, these experiences may not do well. While, young people are more creative than old people, and learn new things quickly. Therefore, I think young people will enjoy the happiness during the process of struggling for the success. I think young people enjoy life more than old people do.
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