You Are Never Too Old to Do Anything

Topics: Old age, Gerontology, Ageing Pages: 5 (1703 words) Published: November 28, 2012
You are never too old to do anything
People that think that elderly people are too old to do the things which the younger generation are quite capable to do are guilty of both; lack of conviction and uncertainty. Long-standing people are just as capable as we are of fulfilling their dreams and living the way that they want to live due to them being more experienced than us in life for which they know more than the younger generation. Undoubtedly, there will be differing opinions from their family members and from the people that care about them about this issue. However, taking the movie Rocky as an example, it was is clearly obvious how outstandingly well talented boxer he was for which he returned in the ring and became a role model for the younger generation looking up to him. Do you think that elderly people are too old to do anything? Furthermore, aged people are not to be doubted on as they have worked harder than us at our age to achieve what they have achieved. This portrays the determination that elderly people have to achieve their targets and that if they are given a chance they can do unexpected things with their will power. Conversely, it could be bad for their health as well due to their age, as they are getting older their health is becoming a very essential factor because old people’s bones and functions in the body are becoming weaker day by day. As well as that, as you get older your body takes time to respond to new things differently and takes time to adapt. Therefore, there are positive and negative sides to old people doing things that people think that is harmful for them. Moreover, Fauja Singh for example is known as a veteran because he is 101 years old and is continuously participating in marathons and getting past the finish line in 6 hours which he wants to beat to break the record. This portrays the commitment and determination old aged people have when they set themselves a target, in addition, it also demonstrates that when old aged men keep fit they can achieve anything they want. In July 2012, Fauja Singh carried the Olympic torch which is a great achievement for a very old man; aged people need a sense of accomplishment to keep them going and also to keep them occupied rather than sitting at home. Obviously, there would have been downfalls to earn this achievement but the accomplishment in the end outweighs the downfalls. On the other hand, other people may be against old people trying to achieve unthinkable goals because they want to give the younger generation a chance. When old people do unthinkable things they are all over the news for doing it due to which the younger generations will get less popularity, they are then compared to veterans. However, when old people return from retirement to do what they want to do, they enjoy doing it for which they maintain a good health and sound mind to improve furthermore. A living example right now for this is a famous football player called Paul Scholes. Nevertheless, there are some others who might be against this because they think that elderly people are not capable of doing what they want to do anymore therefore they try keep them away from it so that they don’t get harmed or get a critical illness which is very likely as you get old. Caring for your elders is a very superior thing to do and it is understandable but if you really worry about your elders then you should encourage them to do what they want to do. Then again, if older people get a long term injury in doing what they want to do then it will cause a lot of pain not only for the aged person but also to his/her family. After all he/she has responsibilities to fulfil as well, therefore, it is really hard for the old aged people to return doing what they love doing because of their everyday jobs and their family which they now have to look after whether it’s a male or a female they both share equal responsibilities. As a result, if a long term injury occurs then all of these...
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