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Topics: Shopping mall, Retailing Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: October 14, 2013
Connor Damiano
Colleen Fullin
WR 121
October 9, 2013
Today’s Mall Shopper
In today’s world it’s hard to come across someone who has not been to a shopping mall at some point in their life. Shoppers flock to these malls to consume wide ranges of products while also encountering as much culture as you can find in a single enclosed area. Among these many different cultures on display, present-day youth culture is the most visible. Many differing opinions have risen about these “shoppers” with regards to their validity as consumers and their true intentions in today’s shopping malls. In John Fiske’s essay, “Shopping For Pleasure: Malls, Power, and Resistance”, he brings up an interesting argument regarding the relationship between shoppers and the higher-ups in charge of shopping malls. Fiske refers to modern shoppers as “the weak” and he states that the strategies of the powerful are most vulnerable to the weak in today’s shopping malls. As a member of the targeted discourse community, I had an opposing stance after reading his essay. Shopping malls are where the innocence of the shopper is most vulnerable to the strategy of the powerful.

Modern consumers have a level of innocence when they enter shopping malls simply because they go in with no intention to deceive. This innocence is constantly compromised by mall owners, which in return drives their customers to resort to “trickery.” Fiske goes into great detail to paint the picture of the typical mall shopper as a trickster, yet he doesn’t explain why they partake in these actions. These tricks included turning shopping malls into “their meeting places” or “putting alcohol into some, but only some, soda cans” (Fiske 285). While reading Fiske’s essay I couldn’t help but get the feeling that he viewed today’s shoppers as devious con artists who trick those in power for no justifiable reason. As a mall shopper and member of the targeted discourse community in this essay, I felt as though my community was...

Cited: Fiske, John. “Shopping For Pleasure: Malls, Power, and Resistance.” Reading Culture. Ed. Diana George, John Trimbur. Pearson, 2012. 282-285. Print.
To my fellow classmates, specifically April and Kelsey, and my professor: Thank you. Your kind words of encouragement throughout the peer review process have given me the confidence to write this essay. I would not be able to do this without your help.
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