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Every year, on 1st October the World honors the elderly day. International Day of Older Persons was adopted by United Nations General Assembly in 1990 and was first observed globally in 1991. It recognizes and affirms the contributions of older persons, and provides a platform to raise awareness, examine issues, invite dialogue and action on promoting well-being among the elderly. The event is also directed to encouraging the development of policies that integrate older persons in all aspects of national life.

Health Nest Uganda is organizing a week long set of activities from 26th September to 1st October 2011, in Entebbe Municipality to commemorate the importance of the elderly in our community, and respectfully mark the International Day for Older Persons. The activities will include essay competitions among school children, home visits and contributions for support to the elderly in their homes. On the day we will have people marching, exhibition stalls, giving of gifts to the elderly and essay participants, and a communal lunch.

The theme for the day in Uganda is “SOCIAL PROTECTION, A PREREQUISITE FOR EMPOWERMENT OF OLDER PERSONS. We have already stimulated the Community who have now formulated a committee to spear head the preparation. The Guest of honour was identified by the elderly themselves as Retired Bishop Samuel Balagadde Sekade.

In their budget, they put sight seeing and funds for Old Music to remember. This effort has attracted the support of local leadership. The Mayor of Entebbe Municipality has pledged to take them to the Zoo to see animals, he has also pledged transport for the most vulnerable among them.

We need all to come up to look at the needs of our senior citizens. They say 'where we are they were''. The activity will be inter generational. We have sent out essay question to students as

How can the elderly be empowered to be more productive in today’s society? Are the elderly relevant today...
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