Working Conditions- Industrial Revolution

Topics: Socialism, Factory, Industrial Revolution Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: March 27, 2012
With technological innovations rising as quickly as the population, the Industrial Revolution not only symbolizes an age of expansion and advancement, but it also reflects the remarkable changes on the economic and social structure of England. The working class of the Industrial Revolution lived hard, laborious lives. The majority of their time was spent in the factories, which were very often unsanitary, overcrowded, and hazardous, and when they were able to leave the factory and spend time at home, they were met with equally revolting conditions. Although these people and their work were without a doubt one of the largest factors towards the successfulness of the Industrial Revolution, they themselves suffered greatly, and reaped nearly no benefits for their work. The overall quality of their lives was incredibly poor. Every arena of their lives, from working conditions and home life, to nutrition and cleanliness, was affected by overwhelming poverty. Recently when interviewing one of the workers this is what was said. Me: How horrible are the working conditions in the factories? Worker: The working conditions in the factories condition and grievances, to witness our struggles against the social and political power of our oppressors. I was induced to spend many happy hours in obtaining knowledge of the realities of life, many an hour. Foreigners that do not have pure English are blasting curse, national prejudice and national pride which after all means nothing but wholesale selfishness. “The children and women would work the spinners of the wool and texture factories. Hence the accidents to which little children fall victims multiply in the factory districts to a terrible extent. The employment of women at once breaks up the family, necessity that inversion of the existing. The children grow up like weeds, they are put out to nurse for a shilling or eighteenpence a week” Me: What was happening to the children who work in the factory? Worker: The children who...
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