Woman on Top

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Film Review: Woman on Top
The film Woman on Top, staring Penelope Cruz, is a romantic comedy that’s entire plot is built around food. From the start of the film, to the climax, to the end, food plays a major roll in every characters life. The film reinforces societies idea that food has turned into entertainment, and it is also become sexualized. There are many articles published as well that concede with societies idea of food today revealed in the movie. The idea as food used only for consumption is no longer around.

For society today, food is used to entertain in many different ways, not just to feed. One example of food being entertainment is that people no longer go to dinner to solely fuel their body they go to fraternize with friends, and become social. It is a form of entertainment. The article “Beyond Mere Sustenance..” Carlnita P. Greene and Janet M. Cramer quote Margaret Viser, “We use food as means of identifying with others. Food connects people, both physically and symbolically, when they sit down to dine together.” (Viser 1991), this quote reveals how dinner is used as a social hour. The article proves how food has become our way to socialize, and be entertained. Woman on Top follows this routine heavily in making food into entertainment. Twice during the movie Chip, takes Isabella out to dinner as a way to entertain her. Another way the film uses food as a form of entertainment is by creating a show, Passion Food, that’s whole purpose is to entertain through the preparation of food. Passion Food was not created to teach the world how to cook, but to entertain the population through showing a beautiful younger girl where society thinks she belongs, in the kitchen. The film in itself is another example of food as entertainment. The movie was created to entertain its audience, and the entire film is based around food. Nearly every scene shows food being prepared, consumed, or smelled. Food is entertaining.

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