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Opposition argument against the government having power to override constituency nominations to allow more visible minorities and women in parliament

George Basha
January 30, 2014
45-320 (01) Political parties and elections  
Semester: Winter 2014
Professor. L. Miljan

Political parties should nominate more women and visible minorities, even if it requires party over ride constituency nominations I want this to sink in your minds for a moment. The government is suggesting we should overthrow nominees to introduce more minorities and women. What happened to the democratic process? What happened to a party having free will to elect candidates they find suitable to represent their interest? What this fascist government is proposing is authoritarian policies and the destruction of our nation’s democratic foundations. The government feels it’s justified to overthrow the democratic vote of the people, to supplement it with a candidate they deem more diverse. They rationalize this by saying we need more diversity in political parties and that women and minorities don’t get a equal chance to be nominated. There logic is . lets fight racism and sexism by implementing racism and sexism. So if you’re a white male that is more qualified for a position, sorry but where goanna revoke your votes and pick a minority or women over you even though they may not have the same credentials . Would you like to know where this is practiced, Iran, and we all know how democratic Iran is. Let me make this clear . the governments idea is not as extreme as what happens in Iran but its very similar. In Iran There are direct elections for their parliament. The constitution gives the guardian council the power to oversee all elections. This means they have the power to remove anyone that is elected, and replace them with someone who fits their ideology better. You may say that the Iran example is not the same, but the basic idea that someone who was elected democratically can be revoked because they did not meat certain standards of a council is pretty similar to what the government is suggesting we do. It is true that most members of parliament are white men. So by adding more women and visible minorities we have a greater spectrum of views in parliament. This is a false argument because there is no hard evidence to prove this. If there is, I ask the government to provide a case study from a non-partisan source that shows women and visible minorities differ greatly from the members in their political party. When did race or sex correlate to diversity. Yeah there may be diversity in the skin pigment or genitals, but that does not however make things diverse. Its what’s in the mind that makes things diverse.one could argue that socioeconomic status is even a greater decider on diversity the ones skin or sex. If you’re a woman, and you are part of the liberal party you’re going to be supporting the same platform as your male counterpart. If you’re a minority you’re also going to be supporting the same platform as the white candidate. There is a reason why you subscribe to a political party. That’s because you believe in the same basic foundations that party stands for. Sure each candidate may have a bit of a different take on policies, but why does race or sex have anything to do with it. Not all white candidates in the same party think the same way. This is why we have political parties . If all white men thought the same we would have only one party. The government is suggesting that all white males think in a unilateral way. That sounds a bit racist and sexist if you ask me. The underlying assumption that only minorities or women can add certain ideas or perspectives is offensive not merely because it is untrue but also because it implies that all minorities and women think a certain way. The people should be insulted that the government thinks this way. To all the women and minorities in this class. This government...

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