Windshield Survey Table Leonard Larino

Topics: West Covina, California, Shopping mall, Westfield West Covina Pages: 3 (1274 words) Published: May 4, 2015
Windshield Survey Table

Housing and Zoning, Boundaries
The houses vary depending on the area. Going towards the more elevated areas, I see houses that are more than one story, and multiple town houses and condos/apartments. In the more flat areas, I see a lot of single story homes, and cul de sac layouts, but have big backyards and front yards. Schools are scattered evenly throughout the city, and some schools are consecutive (a pre-school is close to an elementary school and then a high school.). A lot of homes are close to schools that the kids mostly walk home/to school. Commons

The big common places in this city would be the big shopping centers. There are two different shopping centers, one is the Westfield West Covina mall, and towards the other side of the city is the Eastland Shopping center, which is close to the freeway I-10. In the Eastland shopping center, there is a BJ’s restaurant/brewery, and a block and a half away there is a Buffalo Wild Wings, and this is where sports fans come and hang out during dinner time/happy hour to watch their favorite teams for whatever sport they may be watching. It becomes quite packed, especially during playoff time. Transportation

Most of the means of transportation are by private cars. There are public buses that are part of the “Foothill Transit” bus system, which stretches between multiple cities/towns, and a bus route comes by at least every hour. The metrolink does not seem to be a means of transportation yet in West Covina. Azusa Ave. is a long street that I believe extends all the way to even Anaheim, and this is a street that is quite busy as it is the main street. Social service centers

There are multiple hospitals spread out through the city. Queen of the Valley hospital is one of the bigger hospitals in the area, it is close by the Westfield West Covina mall, it is next to a Kaiser Permanente clinic, and for some homes, it is walking distance. Intercommunity hospital is more...
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