Why the Elderly Should Receive Free Bus Rides

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Retirement Pages: 3 (575 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Title: Should The Elderly receive free bus rides?

Specific Purpose: To persuade to the public in letting senior citizens have free bus rides.

Thesis Statement: Don't you think elderly people deserve free public transportation?

Introduction/Attention Grabber: We frequently hear discussions regarding society not taking good enough care of the Elderly. Based on what I saw in the seniors and their struggles, I think that providing them with free public transportation would be a good place to restart the process of providing them with the dignified care they deserve.

I. Reason #1. So they don't become afraid or unwilling to leave home

A. The most basic premise we should work with when considering how to help the elderly best is to insure that they are not "shut ins".

B. Once they are out and about they feel like they are living and look forward to life's experiences.

C. How do we get them out? Elderly people tend to be concerned about spending money and, since they generally don't drive, the cost of riding the bus could really discourage them from going out.

D. Providing Seniors with free public transportation could actually entice them to go out and be more active.

II. Reason #2. Minimal Income

A. Another reason for providing free transportation to the elderly is the fact that many seniors have minimal incomes and simply can't pay for transportation.

B. There is an assumption that seniors have pensions and savings accounts which provides them with all their needs, but is simply not the case.

C. Many seniors have worked all their lives do not retire with significant funds.

D. We owe it to them to "treat" them to these rides to ease their financial burden after their decades of hard work and paying taxes.

III. Reason #3. It will cause fewer car accidents

A. Elderly people need buses for the simple fact that we need fewer of them driving.

B. It's not because they are wiser or have brittle bones. It's the fact that...
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