Why Pharmacy

Topics: Middle age, Health care, Old age Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 14, 2008
As a future health care professional I feel it is very important to excel academically, but to also set myself apart from y classmates. My motivation may be ordinary, but how I do it is very different. Also what has brought me to be a pharmacist and to Florida A & M University has a lot to do with my motivation and aspirations.

Being raised by two Florida A & M University Alumni, I was brought up knowing that Florida A & M is the number one University in the world. When my parents found out I wanted to be a pharmacist, they told me Florida A & M had a great pharmacy program. I then did my own research on the pharmacy program and found out that Florida A & M had one of the best pharmacy programs in the world. That is what brought me to Florida A & M University.

The reason why I want to be a pharmacist is; I have a lot of elderly people in my family. The elderly people in my family have disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and asthma. They have ample questions about what kinds of drugs they should take or what’s wrong with them and I want to be able to help them with there sickness. Also there are beginning to be more and more elderly people in the United States and the world. Another thing is, it is not only elderly people with health problems. Middle age adults, young adults, teenagers, kids and even infants have health problems. There are many people in the world that need medical attention.

My motivation to be a pharmacist is to think of all the sick people out there and how I can help them. I want to help people that can not help themselves.
What sets me apart from other people is, I am very easy to talk to. Something I will bring to the profession will be a comfortable environment, which to me is very important. A comfortable environment is important in this profession because if a client is comfortable they will open up to me and tell me exactly what’s wrong with them.

In conclusion, I am the type of person that...
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