Why Movies Are More Then Just Entertainment

Topics: Film, Entertainment, Silent film Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Movie are much more than just something we watch it is a story being told by the writer for us to interpret, it can be inspiring or gloomy it all depends how we as viewers see it. It can also be a way for some to live out an imaginary existence in and conventional world. Just look at movies like tron, star gate or even the borne series it helps people live out the life they desire. Movies are also a way for the media to influence and open the minds of its viewers. It is much more then entertaining, informing and educating, movies plays a big role in the way we perceive things. Movies can be a way for people to tell their own stories or communicate a message or get some point across with the type of movie they write. Like for example look at star war some think it is just a sci- fi movie but it is much more it has a very deep political undertone. Or Michael Moore movies like fairenhight 9-11 they were made to inform us as viewers what is going on in the world, some might say it is a little bias but to someone who really lives the story might say it is true. Movies have also become a big part of our daily lives in which they can sometimes have quite an influence on our behavior. They intrigue our minds which captivate us as viewers they transcend us into another dimension. As we try to associate with the stories of what we see we often find ourselves searching for similarities between these characters and ourselves. Movies are much more powerful then we all believe they help us face all kinds of social issues and personal one also. It teaches us life lessons that later on will help us through our daily lives, and sometimes a movie can make us feel emotions that we never thought we will. Movies are a way to disconnect from our world and live someone else’s. Everyone has a story to tell and movies are the visualization of it. From the zoetrope in 1864 to silent movies in 1903 to the movies of the 21st century, movies have gone through many changes in history. But...
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