who should take care of old people?

Topics: Gerontology, Ageing, Old age Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: January 1, 2014
Aging is an inevitable phenomenon in this world. When a family member grows old, ideally we want them to be in the safest and most comfortable place. Many people argue which is better for the elderly, to be in a special facility under the care of professionals or to live with their families as traditionally practiced. Three major concerns of old people will be closely examined to justify both views. Firstly, in establishments like caregiver facilities, old people will meet many others with common interests as theirs. Relatively, comfort is brought through friendship gained. On the other hand, old people staying with families are usually surrounded by younger relatives. The difficulty experienced in coping up with modern lifestyle results to loneliness. Thus in terms of companionship, it is best for the elderly to live in caregiver or home for the aged facilities.

Secondly, needs of old people are immediately attended in special places under the supervision of professionals. In addition, amenities required are rarely unavailable in these facilities. For those living with family, presence of children is more prone to a noisy environment, which could lead to restlessness and anxiety. Therefore, it is more inconvenient for old people to stay with their family compared to the other.

Lastly, professionals value their patients as much as they value their job. They are fully aware that if something unwillingly happens, their work will be on the line. Similarly, in most cases, the least a person would do is to endanger the lives of their own blood. Hence, in the aspect of safety both sides are considerably equal.

Looking at the theories stated, we conclude that most of the concerns of the elderly are best addressed in the hands of professionals compared to family. Therefore, I agree that it is better to have skilled and experienced professionals to look after old people.

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