When Stars Grow Dark: An Anthology of Spatial Declination

Topics: Shopping mall, Metro Manila, SM Prime Holdings Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: October 9, 2013
When Stars Go Dark: An Anthology of Spatial Declination
By kgtillada

Architecture is a vessel for stories. From the very foundations an infrastructure stands on to the highest peak that reaches out for the sky, a story lies within each brick that is laid, each volume of concrete that is poured and each band of steel that is welded. It is a congregation of narratives, containing various mementos from when it was built until the passing generations it shall live through.

There are many stories that are sheltered within infrastructures. Grandeur and magnificence jumpstart certain architectural legacies, while others merely contain simpler—yet equally significant—tales. These stories are what people understand. This is how they convey the emotions they feel within spaces—an experience that is passed on by one’s lips or one’s fingers, in the most creative ways imaginable.

Therefore, architecture, too, is a vessel for emotions. Spaces, as they are formed and finished, contribute to a greater sense of place. There are certain feats of architecture that adhere to the creation of an experience, combining details that would eventually evoke certain emotions from its users. Through this principle of design, which is evocative, intricate, and majestic, architecture is viewed as more than an art and a science—it is a compendium of history, society and phenomena.

However, the creation of experience via architecture is not the only present means of catering a sense of place. There are instances when the reverse comes out on top: when experience influences architecture.

Such is the instance with Starmall Alabang.

Formerly known as Metropolis Star, the mall is located at the heart of Alabang, and it acts as the focus of busy streets, overlapping infrastructures and the noisy metropolitan landscape of the South Manila.

Placed strategically at the busiest roads of Muntinlupa City, many have considered Starmall Alabang a landmark and demarcation point for...
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