What Religious Conflicts And

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Seventh-day Adventist Church Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: June 30, 2015
What religious conflicts and / or accommodations have occurred in your workplace? Share your experiences below. Feel free to pose questions asking your colleagues how a reasonable HR manager should handle’ I experienced a situation in a previous job where I experienced a religious conflict which needed the intervention of Human resources to resolve. I am a practicing Seventh Day Adventist which is a protestant denomination that follows the Jewish Sabbath as the day of rest. I had been working for an investment firm for little over a year when we were asked to come in on Saturday to work on an upcoming project that was on a timeline. I asked to be excluded on the basis of my religion and immediately faced a challenge from my manager and my team members. My manager said he was a Christian but he had come in and missed church when there was a timeline involved. He stated he would need to think on my decision and then he would get back to me. At this period I decided to be proactive and approached Human Resources and explained my situation. To Seventh Day Adventists the Sabbath is a cornerstone of the faith and not just a day to go to church. The human resource manager was very understanding of my situation and after a short conference call with legal I was called into her office and was advised that I could observe the Sabbath and I would not be penalized for observing my faith. What I did learn from the situation is when there is a conflict between faith and work it is important that you are upfront about your faith and speak to the right people about your issue. Most human resource managers understand that the law protects this right and sometimes your own managers are not aware of it and feel you are just trying to get of work. To avoid conflict it is important to talk to the right people. In addition I feel that a company’s Human resource department needs to be properly trained in order to train management so as to avoid lawsuits and damage to corporate...
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