What Could Be Done to Improve the Lives of the Elderly

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Retirement Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: December 3, 2012
What Could be Done to Improve the Lives of the Elderly

One of the solutions is, that the government should make the right move and start supporting elderly financially, as for helping balancing the huge numbers of dissatisfied senior citizens in Lithuania. We all know, that after a person retires from his work, he is no longer capable of making his own money.  A person becomes dependable from the governmental income, which is nerve racking, because the daily needs are far more expensive than the given pensions. It is clear, that if the pensions would be adequate to these needs, life for the elderly would be much more efficient and worth enjoying.  Steps should also be taken to overcome the problem of health insurance, medication and other physical consumptions and needs that take part of every seniors life. For instance, the government  should also provide the best health care, : medical procedures at health care institutions, free prophylactic checkups, sanatorium health maintenance and other. That would eradicate a huge problem of many suffering and unfortunate people.  

 Yet again, the problem falls on governmental shoulders. The improvement of the lives of old people by solving the matter of social isolation, would be a big step to a successful, happy life. If there would be more free of charge community clubs for seniors to go to and realise themselves, communicate and experience new things, while going out with their club members,  that could clearly eliminate the problem of isolation and loneliness. Free passes to theatre shows, various musicals and festivals, discussions and a intensive social integration to today’s modern life, should give a cheerful result.  

 Last but not least, I presume, that changing the attitude both ways is the right direction.  A respectful opinion  towards older  community members  has not to be an innovational topic.  Also, the view and estimation to life of elderly people has to be more positive and optimistic....
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