Western Market

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The Western Market, without south block, is an oldest market building in Hong Kong. Built in September 1844 , it was located at 323 Des Voeux Road, Sheung Wan.

Let’s introduce some historical background about the western market

After building the North block, the South Block of the Western Market was built in 1858. Sheung Wan residents buy fresh meat like pork, fish and chicken in the North Block. Then, the fruit and vegetable were sold in South Block. It was initially a very shabby market, just like any old wet market in Hong Kong. Hong Kong government began to improve the western market facilities in order to suffice the need of Sheung Wan residents. Therefore, the south of the Western Market was replaced by Sheung Wan Complex in 1981. As the former Urban Council's market facilities came into operation in 1989, the market building became empty. Urban Renewal Authority changed the market into a centre of traditional traders, arts and crafts in 1991 and renamed it as "the Western Market". The western market refurbished again in 2003. At that time, the building became a shopping mall. Theme restaurant and boutique shops were included for visitors to enjoy lifestyle shopping and leisure activities.

Let us focus on the new the Western Market

Nowadays, the western market was restored into a shopping mall for selling Chinese handicrafts, textile and accessories. It was not only a shopping mall, but also a heritage for next generation to visit and learn the history of Hong Kong. When the government refurbished some old streets and buildings, they considered some historical and cultural factors. In the past, Wing On Street was famous for selling Chinese textile but the street was re-established under the scheme of re-establishment. Many shops of selling Chinese textile are removed to the western market after this reason. Also, it had a new Chinese name, “Si Kong Cheng”, but the English name remained the same.

Important memories for Sheung Wan residents...
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