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After reviewing the Strategic Linkages presentation, answer the following learning questions: 1. Why do you think it is important for HR to be a strategic partner to the business? 2. What benefits do you think the employees derive from this arrangement? 3. What do you think are the risks involved (to HR and the organization as a whole) if HR does not make this a priority and instead remains a purely task-oriented department mostly administrative in nature? 1.Human Resources department understand the aspects of business of an organization. HR also designs and creates development in maturing decisions of the organization. Its important for HR to strategic because a team that works together accomplisher far more than other divided leadership organization or business. For example if open business I would make sure the Human Resources Management would use strategic plans that would cause company to be more organized. Make sure the schedules for employees would be accurate by HR to maintain satisfaction with employees. Also I would make sure the plan of pay would offer the choice of receiving electronically to bank account or Auto Pay Roll card. In Addition I would make sure HR send the Pay Stubs by mail for time the employees get paid. HR would be responsible for creating time off schedule sheets and prepare weekly schedules for employees to take a day off.

2.Employees would feel more comfortable working with company that has concrete plans. Whenever business decisions are made with Senior Management and Human Resources Management, better are the results. Every employees wishes the opportunity to work for a company that relies on strong leadership management. Whenever Senior Management has resolved to allow Human Resources fill in their position for productivity, many doors open for more employment in Human Resources and the rest of Staff of the business. For instance, my job has given HR full responsibility to deal with schedule of employees....

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