week 1 Human Resource Risk Seminar

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Human Resource Risk Seminar
Germaine Luciano
Audrey Myer
Human Resource Risk Seminar
Seminars represent an excellent tool available to human resource managers (HRM) to build skills of employees, managers, and specialized employees. With the wide array of seminars, webcasts, and podcasts available, HR must carefully review, analyze and choose the class that will best meet their needs and produce the desired effects they are looking to improve upon. I have included several examples of seminars available, the risk factors they address and the information I would want addressed for each seminar. National Seminar Training provides a class on Advanced Negotiation Strategies for Handling Really Tough-to-Collect Accounts. This class is excellent for monetary account collectors and should be utilized to address issues with monetary collection, Loss of business due to difficult customers, slowed production, and stressed employees, from employee’s lack of knowledge on how to appropriately deal with difficult customers. Because loss of business represents a huge risk to any for profit organization my first question would be, “What type of guarantee is provided that employees will see a significant successful change in how they deal with customers?” Another question that holds importance is “How do you address the cultural differences in employee training and with customers in a global organization?” Because globalization has become commonplace with the increased use of technology and travel it is important to note whether or not the class will address this in the class. According to University of Phoenix Human Resource Management (n.d.) “A force affecting the management of human resources is the globalization of business, as evidenced by international outsourcing and global competitive pressures”. Stress can also represent a risk factor that affects employee productivity and attendance. “Stress is a hazard that can cause both...

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