Ways to Overcome Missing Children

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There are many ways to overcome child abduction. As parents, there are several strategies to prevent this incident from occurring.
First, ensure custody documents are in order and ten like photos are taken every six months and have your children fingerprinted. Many local police departments sponsor fingerprinting programmes. Check if they are available in your town.

Next, make online safety as a priority. The internet is a great tool but it is also a perfect place for paedophilic predators to stalk your children. So be aware of your children’s internet activities and chat room “friends” and remind them never to give out or publish their personal information.

Another useful strategy is to set boundaries about the places that your children go. Supervise them in places like shopping malls, theatres, parks, public bathroom or even fundraising door to door. You should not leave them alone in a car or stroller for even a minute.

Apart from that, talk to your children about strangers by giving them the basics on how to recognise, avoid and escape potentially dangerous situations. You should also teach them never to accept candies or gifts from strangers. Remind them continuously never follow or go anywhere with a stranger even though it sounds like fun. The predators can easily grab your children’s attention with simple questions like, “Can you help me find my puppy?” or “Do you want to see some cute kittens in my car?”. Inform your children beforehand that unknown adult would never ask random children that they don’t even know to help them out or do things for them. If bad situation happens, tell them to run away or scream when they are asked or forced into a car. Teach your children to say “No!” to anyone who tries to make them do something inappropriate or touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

In addition to that, be sure that your children know their own name, address, phone number including the...
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