Warehouse Management Systems (Wms)

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Contents :
1. Reasons for warehousing
2. Benefits
3. Warehouse operating principles
4. Types of Warehouse
5. Warehouse strategies
6. Warehouse location strategies
7. Site selection
8. Transport


The basic benefit of sorting is to reconfigure freight as it is being transported from origin to destination. Three types of assortment - Cross-Docking , Mixing and Assembly- are widely performed in logistic system.

The objective of cross-docking is, replenish fast-moving store inventory and requires precise on-time delivery from each manufacturer. The manufacturer ,in turn ,may have sorted ,loaded, and labelled the appropriate quantity by final destination when trailers were loaded at origin. Product is then literally moved across the dock from receiving into a truck dedicated to the delivery destination. Once outbound trucks are loaded with mixed product from multiple manufacturers, they are released from transport to destination. The high degree of precision required for effective cross-docking makes successful operation highly dependent on information technology.

Wal*mart Superstores has developed a very effective cross-dock distribution process. Cross-Docking Distribution Center . Cross-docking favors the timely distribution of freight, a better synchronization with the demand and a more efficient use of transportation assets.Cross-docking is particularly relevant to the retail sector (often within large retailers), but can also be applied to manufacturing and distribution. Its advantages involve a  minimization of warehousing and economies of scale in outbound flows (from the distribution center to the customers). Inbound flows (from suppliers) are thus directly transferred into outbound flows (to customers) with little, if any warehousing. Shipments typically spend less than 24 hours in the distribution center, sometimes less than an hour. Cross-docking can be applied to a number of situations. For...
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