Violence in Mexico.

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Gerontology Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Nothing is surprising today that many today’s newspapers articles, publicized about how elderly people around the world had been discriminated, especially in Mexico. These older people gave us life, they are harmless, defenseless, some society members see them as an obstacle, also a heavy load that need to be carry on their backs. They are jeopardizing their life because of the way society treats them and because of the actual violence in Mexico. There are 600 million elderly people in the world; seven of them living in Mexico, according to the INEGI (Mexico’s census) showed statistics that elderly population is living longer and their population is increasing. Doctors and medicines can reach now the rural areas where before was impossible to get medical aid, also better medicines had being discovered and doctors are getting better preparation than before. The welfare of the elderly population has numerous dimensions, poverty, health care, and the receipt of pension income. In Mexico, many benefits such as having access to health care and receiving a pension at old age are associated with a form of employment. Since women historically have participated less in the labor market than men have, it is natural to expect that women would experience lower living conditions than men would in old age; also the wellbeing of the elderly group is dramatically inferior comparing to other age groups. Fewer older parents wish to assume the uncertainties of following their children across international borders, especially if they or their children have no legal documents. Instead, older people tend not to move, and sending areas often become old as the young migrate and leave their parents and grandparents behind. Mexico’s large population has a high level of poverty and hunger compared to rest of the world. Migration is a fluid process, however one that not only influences social behavior in U.S. destinations, but also lives and lifestyles across the border in Mexico. Although...
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