Various Roles of Human Resorce Management

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Various Roles Human Resource Management
Plays Making It a Necessity for Businesses
A Review of Literature
Robert Bryan Stuart Jr.
Saint Leo University

The purpose of this paper is to explore the many different roles the Human Resource Departments plays in organizations and in this paper; the Human Resource Department will be referred to as the HRD. The overall typical function of a HRD is to make sure organizations maximize the use of their human resources to reach the goals and objectives of the employees and the organization. This will include the part they play in recruitment and making sure they adhere to all hiring laws. How they use information technology to monitor the performance of employees and how they handle employee complaints. This is not all inclusive of the many different roles a HRD plays in organizations but is a general synopsis of some of the roles it plays.

Various Roles Human Resource Management Plays Making It a Necessity for Businesses A Review of Literature
The Human Resource Department (HRD) in any organization is important no matter the size of the organization; it plays a very important role in many different ways. Ivancevich and Konopaske (2013) defined the role of human resource management as “the function or unit in organizations that facilitates the most effective use of human resources to achieve the objectives of both the organization and the employees” (p.21). The strategy of this unit HRD is to establish a pattern or plan that puts together all the major policies, objectives and procedures into a interrelated whole all while satisfying the organization and the employee. Small Business Chronicles lists the top ten reasons the HRD is so important: human capital value, budget control, conflict resolution, training and development, employee satisfaction, cost savings, performance improvement, sustaining business, corporate image, and steadfast principles (Mayhew, Ten Reasons Why the Human Resources Department Is Important, n. d., p. 1). Recruitment

Recruitment for the HRD has changed dramatically in the past ten years due to the introduction of information age technology. A large part of the growth of any organization was the HRD; they had been responsible for hiring a diverse group of individuals with the knowledge to bring new technology to the company. They not only had to hire the right people, they had to build up a commitment and loyalty among the employees by keeping them abreast of the company plans (What is the Importance of Human Resources Management in an Organization?, n. d., p. 1). In particular, the World Wide Web opened up a multitude of possibilities for the HRD who were able to hire potential employees. With the invention of sites such as, and others of this type, HR departments have had to make use of this technology in search of potential employees by posting their job opening on these sites. The federal government used the site USAJOBS.GOV exclusively for the advertising of all jobs that have become available at different federal agencies worldwide. Also, potential employees do not have to come by the organization’s place of business to fill out an application. Individuals seeking employment not located close to the organization have usually called and requested an application be sent to them. These individuals can now fill out applications online which has assisted the HRD in several ways. First and foremost, it has allowed the HRD to be able to have a larger pool of potential applicants with the possibility of receiving more qualified applicants. Secondly, it has reduced the time spent meeting and greeting applicants who were personally turning in applications and it has enabled them to narrow down their search for new hires. With the ability to take applications in this manner, it has also helped organizations to store the applications with the ability to retrieve them when necessary....

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