Uses of Computers in Hr Planning

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From the case study, it is evidently clear that organisations are growing at an exponential rate and therefore accurate and timely information is an essential requirement for effective decision-making. The HR specialists manages people and as a fact people are a complex resource to manage and the variety of employee contractual terms, attendance patterns, skills and experience demand increasingly sophisticated HR information if the organisation is to maximise the competence and flexibility of employees for a positive contribution to successful business development. Thus both Sambus Company which owns and operates the 7-eleven convenient stores and Asibey Inc., an Accra based international conglomerate have deployed various ICT’s to enhance business decision making and notable among the uses and benefits are; 1. Evaluation of its management

2. Promotability of each manager and the impact of future promotions on job openings as well as staff requirements. 3. Establishing clear cut career development plans for employees 4. Help to identify skills gaps for each employee and suggestion of remedies. 5. Annual resource review, analysis of promotions, transfers, and performance of its executive openings through screening analysis. 6. Help identify high performers whose promotions have been blocked for more than two (2) years. Other uses of computers or ICT in organisations are;

Computers are able to provide the right information at the right time in response to a variety of managerial needs on personnel. 1. Labour Turnover –Data on employee headcount and leaves help provide rates of labour turnover and identify trends in order to develop an appropriate response to either retain a staff or otherwise. 2. Recruitment and Selection – Recruitment and selection administration is labour intensive and cost may be reduced and a higher quality service provided by a good computer system. E-recruitment help speed access to potential recruits, quick and easy posting of vacancies through agency web pages. 3. Pay and Reward – HR computer report can be used for reward comparisons, to monitor the operation of the reward policy and to access value for money. The impact of pay increases can be projected to determined affordability. It ensures fair treatment in pay decisions.

4. Training and development – The development of employees is costly and to ensure that appropriate training and development takes place, HR computers can help provide strategic training needs for each individual employee to meet organisational needs based on training needs assessment done on the system.

5. Health and Safety at work – Storage of data and data analysis on occupational and individual employee health and on accidents at work and their result and findings or outcome of risk assessment help identify health issues and safety measures to prevent injuries and ill health on staff.

6. Employment relations and conflict management – Through the provision of clearer statements on rules and regulations and managerial expectation right from the induction of new employees help to reduce disciplinary offences and action through HR computers. HR computers therefore helps in analysing employee grievance expressions and the identification of common problems that give rise to employee dissatisfaction in order to reduce the potential for conflict in the employment relationship.

7. Redundancy- The increased objectivity and transparency which computer listings give to redundancy selection help ease the emotionally charged atmosphere among employees and line managers. The application of computers in such an exercise helps model alternative redundancy options that help to depersonalise the redundancy activity and facilitate objective defending of decisions. The potential benefits of computers in HR are extensive, they cover all areas of people resourcing and, in order to be realised, require...
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