US History 6.1 Review

Topics: Women's suffrage, Federal Reserve System, Progressive Era Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Jade :Davis
Period 2
6.1 HW
1. What was the primary goal of Progressive Era muckrakers?
A muckraker seeks to expose corruption of businesses or government to the public. The term originates with writers of the Progressive movement within the United States who wanted to expose corruption and scandals in government and business. Muckrakers often wrote about the wretchedness of urban life and poverty, and against the established institutions of society, such as big business. They were often accused of being socialists or communists. 2. Why did women’s organizations work for the passage of prohibition? The church regarded drinking as a sin, pressured Congress and the states to put the amendment across. Women's groups blamed alcohol for husbands leaving their wives and families and for the abuse of women. 3. Write a statement summarizing progressive beliefs.

Self-identified progressives are more supportive of government intervention in the economy, both in terms of regulating business and redistributing income, than the general public, are protective of civil liberties, believe equality is more important than freedom, are less religious than most groups, against government regulation of morality, have positive views of immigrants, diplomacy as the cornerstone of foreign policy, belief in better education. 4. Who were progressives, and what did they believe caused social problems? Capitalism and freedoms are two reasons that progressive's use for countries social problems. You see 'progressives' are socialist's and socialist's believe that capitalism is the root of all evil. Through capitalism people that work hard and have ideas are successful which put's distance between the creative and the non-productive. This 'distance' is used by progressives to explain that the 'wealthy' are stealing from the 'masses'. They attack freedom's, rights, by using phrases such as; racist, bigoted, homophobes, elite and others to separate the people in order for the people to...
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