Universal Health Care Is Socialism

Topics: Capitalism, Socialism, Mixed economy Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: June 5, 2013

Jenson Vliss
Essay 2
WR 222/ Bushnell
November 8, 2010
Universal Health Care
Europe is considered one of the most ideal places to live. Its fascinating history and being home to some of the worlds most beautiful sights, who wouldn’t want to live there. While those are great incentives, some educated might argue that there are better amenities if one decides to reside there. Aside from what I just listed, Europe is home to some of the best working conditions. A 30-hour workweek, lengthy vacation packages, its wide-ranging early retirement benefits and its government sponsored health care coverage (Goldman). While some call this desirable, everyone calls it socialism. Socialism is an act of government stepping into the free market in an attempt to equally distribute goods to the public. Therefore the liberal agenda to enforce a universal healthcare system in America is an act of socialism.

America was built and is where it is today due to our free market, or for a better term, capitalism. Capitalism is having the power in the people, letting the people decide how and what they want to spend their money on with no interference from the government. Letting the people strive and attempt to achieve the highest paycheck is the best way to motivate workers, therefore increasing the economic output as well as GDP. When a government takes more money away from the rich in hope to provide more for the lower classes with generous benefits for little work, it can erase the incentive for hard work. Therefore decreasing workflow as well as total economic prosperity.

Merriam Webster defines socialism as any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. Socialism dates back to the 1700’s during the French Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was seen as machinery replacing human labor. With poor housing, poor working conditions, slave...

Cited: Dictionary. “Socialism.”
Goldman, David P. “Lesson from Europe: Socialism Doesn’t Work.”
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