Unit 4 Health and Social Care

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P2- explain the potential effects of 5 different life factors on the development of an individual

Lifestyle factors:

There is one person who chooses your lifestyle factors, which is you. Lifestyle factors are about your diet choices and nutrition, alcohol intake and use and misuse of substances. We have a guideline that shows us we should eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day, at least. A major factor that influences the food you buy is income and the price of food. A family of 4 in a high income house will not worry about the price, they are more in need of good quality. Where as a low income family catering for 6 people will look at quantity. Some people may discover they haven’t got any way of storing the food, so they buy fresh food everyday, which is more expensive than buying frozen food in bulk.

Alcohol is another lifestyle factor which can cause major effects to the human body, if abused and mis-treated. We are also given guidelines of how much alcohol you should intake a week, if you have to. The recommendations are in place to avoid harmful effects lead from alcohol. Women may intake 2-3 units and men 4-5 units. If alcohol is mis-used and your intake is more than recommended it could cause severe damage to your liver.

Drugs are also a lifestyle factor. Most drugs that people use are illegal. You can divide drugs into 2 groups; stimulants and depressants. Depressants decrease activity in the brain e.g. alcohol is a depressant. Stimulants increase activity in the brain e.g. tobacco and ecstasy. Legal drugs are paracetomal, ibuprofen are medicines. If taken appropriately and in small quantities, this will not cause harm to you. The impact of the drug, takes major effects on the takers body, it is causing harm to themselves and their bodies, and also they are putting themselves at risk of prosecution. Some drugs can be hallucinogens, this can be very dangerous as it can alter the way a person hears or see’s things. E.g. magic mushrooms and LSD. Some drugs can also have pain killing properties e.g. analegestics, heroin.

Cocaine for example is a stimulant at first and then turns into a depressant. This makes the user depressed. With each different drug every individual will respond, react and intake whatever occurs to themselves.

Socioeconomic factors:

When we look at socioeconomic factors we can look at income, education, values and attitudes, peer groups, expenditure and employment status.

Income and expenditure:

Throughout the lives of low income families and income most people choose poor choices and this therefore causes ill health and lower life expectancy. The people that have low income are normally lone parents, the sick or disabled, unemployed or elderly. A house is based on the area, crime rates and environment. All these factors are very important. Housing choices are limited because of these factors, where in some low income areas they have high crime rates etc.

Education; a child’s education is very important and is vital if you want to do well in your future aspirations. Schools that are in low income areas are more likely to have problems. This could have lead from not being able to have efficient learning and teaching equipment and if they cannot get teachers e.g. Teachers do not stay in the area for long they will have to go over the procedure of getting sub-teachers and replacing them. This takes time and money. Other problems they may develop is depression, undernourishment, cannot speak English or English isn’t their first language, all this could mean the child therefore does not receive a good enough education. Some may leave school with no GCSE’s at all. In areas that are more sufficient and adapted to the criteria this leads to successful educations and the children that receive this, will want and be able to go on to further or higher education. This then leads to a better job in the future and a better standard of living.

Another socio-economic factor is values...
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