Unit 28

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Unit 28, P1, M1

Disengagement Theory
This is when a person, usually an older person, withdraws from involvement or when someone’s relationships with other people slowly cut off or change. Older people may withdraw from involvement when they feel they are limited to try and interact with other people. It has been proved that a lot of older people were more involved with life when they were younger however some people disagree and feel there are a large number of people who do not withdraw from society. For example when they retire they may lose contact with a lot of their colleagues or if they or their friends/family have impairments such as hearing or visual impairments it could make it more difficult to interact with each other. Technology may also restrict older people as they may not have internet or phones to be able to interact with their friends and family. Activity Theory

This theory highlights the importance of on-going social activity and believes older people should be encouraged to stay involved whilst suggesting that people will be more satisfied with their lives if they remain active as well as ensuring friendships and relationships are intact by interacting with others just the same. It also suggests that someone who remains an active member of society will increase their health and wellbeing and that own-age friendships should be developed. The only criticism of this theory is that some people are more than happy as they are and want to live alone not to mention the fact that not everyone is able to be as active as they would like.

As you can see, these theories are completely different in comparison to one and other. One suggests as you get older you will withdraw from society and become unhappy whereas the other suggests you can stay happy and active if you want to and that you just need to remain in contact with different roles in society. If you follow the disengagement theory you are more likely to end up unhappy or lonely as your...
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