Unforgettable Memory

Topics: Shopping mall, Security guard, Theft Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: May 14, 2011
An Unforgettable Event in My Life

Last Sunday, I went shopping eagerly at the largest shopping mall in my town. My elder sister was accompanying me. As the important Christmas Day was just around the corner, the shopping mall was packed with people. There were many girls and ladies who were hanging their handbags loosely over their shoulders. I also did likewise. Although my mother always advised me not to bring a handbag, or if I wanted to bring it, I must hang it carefully over my shoulder, I refused to do so. Her advice always fell on deaf ears.

As the shopping mall was having a mega sale, I was engrossed entirely in looking at the goods of low prices especially the clothes with cute little blue ribbons which I wanted to buy for a long time. They were offered at the discount of up to 70%! This made me not wary of my loosely-hanging handbag. I was also not aware that it had attracted the attention of a potential snatch thief. He was creeping towards me but my eyes were stuck on the clothes and I did not see him.

Suddenly, there was a pull on my shoulder. It made me lose the balance of my body and my arms hit the hanger of the clothes. Consequently, I had a bad cut. Blood was streaming down from my arm. After waking up from my shock, I had let out a loud scream.

“Stop him! My handbag! Thief! Thief!” I shouted in panic and then, I could not even utter a sentence properly.

An alert man heard my cry of help and made a bee line to the escaping snatch thief. The thief promptly ran down the staircase. The determined man, without thinking, aimed at the thief and jumped towards the thief from the staircase. Finally, he pinned the thief down successfully.

“Aha! I got you! There is no way for you to run away!” the man announced happily. He then took my handbag back from the thief to return to its rightful owner, me.

At the same time, the security guards came and lent us a helping hand. They handcuffed the snatch thief and took him away. The...
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