Understanding human resources

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CIPD Certificate in HR Practice
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Aim of the report


Product and services offered by PC World to its customers


PC World’s main customers


Four external factors and the impact they have on PC World’s business activities


The structure of the organisation and four functions groups


How the different functions work together to optimise performance

The culture of PC World and two ways this affects operations

Three HR activities that support PC Worlds strategy

Three Ways HR professionals support line managers and the staff at PC World




Aim of the report

This report is aiding a new manager to the business so they can gain some understanding of the organisation in preparation for their start in PC World. The aim of the report is to ensure the new manager:

1. Understands the purpose of the organisation and its operating environment 2. Understands the structure, culture and functions of the environment 3. Understands how HR/LD activities support the organisation

The report will be based on my job role as a General Manager of PC World

Product and services offered by PC World to its customers

PC World is one of the United Kingdom’s largest retail Computer Superstores. Established in 1991, it became a part of Dixons Stores Group in 1993. Stores can be found in most towns in England offering good local employment, services and products to thousands of customers. The products PC World offers its customers are:

Electrical and technological products such as laptops, tablets, televisions, cameras, audio products, computing software, printers, printer ink, audio accessories, navigation systems, projectors and an array of other computing accessories, i.e. bags, screen cleaners etc. PC World also offers services to customers such as:

Repairs on array of products, the repairs are carried out by the Knowhow team which is also part of the distribution network which is owned and run by Dixons Stores Group. In home delivery service (this delivery service is for business customers and customers who buy larger items in store or online) for example large screen televisions. Pay and collect service (this is where customers pay on line for their products and they have them delivered to their home or to a local store for collection). Reserve and collect this is where customers can reserve a product in store for 24 hours. This service is great for customers who do not like waiting and know what they want. Knowhow bars are available in all PC World stores. This is a designated part of the store where experts are at hand to offer customers in store technical advice for their products.

PC World’s main customers

PC World has internal and external customers
External customers buy the services and products we provide i.e. parents buying gifts, customers investing in the latest technology, local businesses, local councils and students as well as many others. Internal customers to PC World are all the employees employed by the business, shareholders, suppliers e.g. HP, Samsung, Norton and Apple to name a few. The knowhow is the distribution network for PC World they are the team who deliver the goods to customers. Purpose and goals of PC World

The purpose and goals of the organisation are to bring the latest technology to customers at the best price whilst also providing great advice and after sales customer service. This is measured via customer feedback to Customer Services when customers either phone in or email them; exit surveys in stores are also conducted on a monthly basis. PC World’s key purpose is to make a profit to invest...
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