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Topics: Labour Party, Socialism, Tony Blair Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: February 23, 2012
a)Distinguish clearly between Old Labour and New Labour (5)

"New Labour" was first termed as an alternative branding for the Labour Party, dating from a conference slogan first used by the Labour Party in 1994, which was later seen in a draft manifesto published by the party in 1996, called New Labour, New Life For Britain. It is also the turning point of Old Labour changed to New Labour with a symbolic of new aims/value of the Labour party which called New Clause 4, published at the 1994. The main difference between the Old Labour and New Labour refers to the changes in their ideologies and policies came with the renewal. Labour party was the party with strong relationship with unions and seeking for the equality of opportunity and very concern on using economics to deliver political equality whereas it can say that the Old Labour was paying more concerns on the working class. However, the New Clause 4 is targeting the middle class rather than working class while it try to satisfy the middle class by the wingfall tax and believe that the equality of opportunity means giving people better chances. Since it defined itself as Social Democratic party, the ideology of the party has been changed as accept value of market forces but also accept the idea that the UK is a community where is better work together rather than individually.

b)Explain carefully 3 policy similarities between the modern Labour, Liberal-Democrat and Conservative parties (post in 1997). (10)

Since 1990s, three main parties have their party renewal in series whereas party are trying to target the middle class and do not want to be extreme. Thus, there is an overlap between the ideas and policies of the Labour, the Conservative and the Liberal-Democrats. The key theme in politics in recent years is the similarity of the two parties, the Labour and the Conservative. I think the reason why these two parties are often ‘sharing’ the similar issues is because they are both parties that...
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