Tui Bhs 439 Case 3- Waste Water

Topics: Water, Sewage treatment, Wastewater Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: May 31, 2013
BHS439 - Wastewater Management

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Module 4 - Case


What are the most serious threats to the livelihood of Coopersville if the wastewater and drinking water conflicts are not resolved? Trying to resolve conflicts for the town Coopersville, as the expert in onsite wastewater treatment system, I would call a meeting with the community and discuss their concerns that may have never been considered. Public support for a plan might suffer if concerns are never heard. If this does not work I would consider conducting a special open meeting to involve interest members of the public. I would then developed a list of environmental problems, and determine which ones are high-risk; and pose a serious threat to health, the environment, or quality of life. There are numbers of projects to evaluate risks to people and ecosystems and to help them make the best use of their environment protection resources. If conflicts are not resolved, the town of Coopersville will suffer: 1. MCL(Maximum Contaminate level) of drinking water

2. Monitoring of drinking water will be cited
3. Drinking water system is undersized; pressure is to low to meet firefighting requirement. 4. High fecal coliform counts in private wells supplies near septic tank where high ground water 5. Underground fuel storage tank might leak

6. Discharge from wastewater treatment plants will exceed permit limits for suspended solids and organic matter, especially after a severe storm. These are some of the most serious threats if the town of Coopersville onsite wastewater treatment is not resolved along with improper disposal of household hazardous waste to the landfill could result in contamination of drinking water; and also Ineffective performance of environment facilities also drain on the community finance. In adequate performance indicate that the operations at the existing facility could be improved or that the...
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