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1. What’s the problem?
Although Martha has the better mouse trap, the world isn’t excited about it and there just isn’t enough demand even with all the ads and publications.

2. Why?
Martha’s research from earlier said that the target market was best for women, but it is possible that she needs to update her research. They are leaving out a whole market that could potentially make them more sales. The way they advertise is directed mainly towards women, which in turn may divert men away. They know that the women often stay at home with the children, so they advertise about how the trap doesn’t pose any injury or poisoning threats to children or pets.

Also, it says that she sells the trap directly to large retailers, avoiding any middlemen. However, going through wholesalers to retailers can be very advantageous to them. When you sell to wholesalers, they buy in bulk amounts and then sell to retailers in small amounts as needed. Doing this, you will be selling more (to wholesalers), even if it is at a lower cost, and still making more in the retail store.

3. What should/could be done? Why should/could it be done?
In order to reach the market of men, they must start integrating masculinity into the advertisements. This could be done by listing ways why this trap would benefit them, such as saving time and energy. Men must want an easier way of getting rid of the problem after a long hard day at work. However, pointing out the injury free/poisoning free facts is definitely something they should still advertise because many men are fathers, and just like mothers, they want their children in a safe environment with no risks of injuries from Trap-Ease.

Trap-Ease should also start having some middlemen to sell to. They will be able to sell their product in bulks, and have a much more organized supply chain. Also, lowering the price a little in retail stores should attract and keep customers. Even though consumers appear to offer little initial...
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