Training vs. Job Placement and the Role of Human Resources Management Technology

Topics: Employment, Human resources, Recruitment Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: July 13, 2008

The purpose of this research is to reveal the potential benefits and difficulties that exist between job placement and in-house training. Web-based technology has benefited placement capabilities within the workplace, and simultaneously scaled training efforts for large corporations. These capabilities have expanded human resources scope and job description, which in turn brings skepticism as for their potential benefits or lack thereof. Placement poses an immediate solution for firms that lack an intrinsic corporate culture necessary to promote developmental training. Emerging human resource trends foreshadow a reliance on technological resources and training for the future and a downturn upon a developmental workforce.

Training vs. job placement and the role of modern human resources technology.
In today’s modern workforce, the move for further standardization complements job placement to meet the demands of routine employment. This process is capitalized upon to increase productivity and streamline the hiring process. The pool of placement candidates is continually being restocked by employees changing careers, leaving jobs, or being terminated. The employees benefit by obtaining placement and becoming productive, however the employee becomes somewhat of a third party in the transaction. Human resource professionals have the ability to use placement of employees as well as developmental solutions.

Placement influences organizational culture by focusing extrinsic factors, by pulling employee resources from recruitment centers, the internet, and job fairs to name a few. An organization with high employee turnover may benefit from placement, as well as to meet temporary demands to complete a project deadline. Difficult to hire jobs such as high tech industry must rely on placement due to not having the capability or resources to develop an internal workforce.

In the modern workforce however, training is the key to obtaining corporate...
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