Toy "R" Us in Japan

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Toy “R” Us in Japan
Toy “R” Us is one of the biggest Toys selling companies and has succeeded opening their retail stores globally even in Europe and Asia, yet entering to Japanese market was not easy for them due to many barriers. Some of which include Japanese laws, labors, suitable areas, and the fact that Japan is nationalism country and they have been conservative with their sophisticated culture for many ages could create difficulty for being success in Japanese market. Base on these problems, there are things that Toy “R” Us could do to broaden chance of their business success, and they have overcome some of the barriers. By joining hand with McDonald’s Japan, they could work out with the laws and cross culture problems. For labor problem, instead of looking for male labors solely, Toy “R” Us could seek for well educated women which much easier to find, unlike other some old-fashion Japanese companies that have perception that women should stay home and raise children and prefer only male labor. Another issue to be concerned is suitable areas for the stores. With a population density of 322 people per square kilometer and a land-mass filled 80% with mountains, Japan had very limited amounts of land suitable or desirable for retailing However, in my opinion, instead of searching for suitable areas for opening new stores, Toy “R” Us could building a strong relationship to some of the exist local stores or acquiring some of them. They could even create uniqueness of the store by modifying some part of the stores to be Toy “R” Us , at the same time, keep the uniqueness of each particular store. Japanese are known to create cutie and detailed decorative stuffs. Therefore, by applying this idea might help Toy “R” Us increase the amount of stores under their brand without spending more time and money to look for a suitable location which is very hard to find in Japan, but also create uniqueness for the stores themselves as well. To sum up, to Japanese local...
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