Third Partys

Topics: Socialist Labor Party of America, Political party, Henning A. Blomen Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Kaitlyn Sowell GOVT/ 2301 4/26/2013

Third ( Minor) Parties
! When People think of American politics our minds automatically go to

Republican or Demarcates, but there is a small portion of the population that is tied to Third or Minor Parties. Minor parties in the US are any party that is not the Republican and Democratic party (major parties). Third( Minor) parties are political groups that are very small in numbers and barely shift the outcome of elections or politics. Most third party groups are so small that the Major Parties simply ignore them. ! Most third or minor political parties are based on one of three

categories. They are based on a comprehensive ideology like the Libertarian party which is against the government being active in all areas of life. They are a small group that has not been successful, but in recent send has grown steadily. Then there are though based on a specific political issue like The Populist party also know as the People’s party. The party was formed by upset farmers, Southerners, and Western mining interests. This group has had success with get numerous members elected to congress. Finally the ones based on a charismatic leader such as the Bull Moose party. It was lead by Theodore Roosevelt who came the closes

Kaitlyn Sowell GOVT/ 2301 4/26/2013

any third party group has ever been to winning a presidency. His smooth talking and dedication to his parties beliefs drew people in almost instantly. ! Another Third party started by a charismatic leader was The Socialist

Labor Party lead by Daniel De Leon. Although the party does have a strong leader it is known by mostly as a left wing ideological third party.The Socialist Labor party was formed in the 1800s during the industrial revolution in the US. “It represented working class immigrant populations in urban midwestern and northeastern cities employed in factories.  It was influential for developing ideas of worker safety such as minimum wages, unemployment...

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