Topics: Sociology, Industrial Revolution, Capitalism Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: March 11, 2013
In today’s society work is most likely to be associated with paid work. We always tell people about our paid employment, the work where we receive a regular income. So the work we do can play a role in defining our identity and how we see our self. Your employment can also play a major role in terms of; determining a person’s level of income, defining a person’s status, social class and a person’s Life chances. For example those in upper class enjoy greater life chances than those in working class. However, the borderline between work and non-work rarely lies within the actual activity itself and more usually inheres in the social context that supports the activity. For example for some people playing sport is an occupation and for some might be a leisure activity. Therefore work could be any form of activity, but what counts as work depends on the social context within that activity occur. Before the start of industrial capitalism, in a pre-industrial societies work is referred to as a general way activities directed at satisfying the human need for survival. Which were all non-industrial, work such as hunting, gathering or farming. Starting in the 18th century and continuing into the 19th century work has become regular paid employment. The simple rural lives were exchanged by mass production of goods. Industrialisation led to urbanisation, it changed the medieval customs, beliefs and ideals. The term ‘industrial revolution’ is used to describe this transformation. Industrial Productive activity involved Factory systems and mechanisation powered by energy sources that is undertaken outside the home in a building or factory, Where workers has to work as industrial labourers under hazardous conditions. Karl Marx argued the capitalist who are the owners of the means of production, must essentially exploit the workers for maintaining the existence of the structure and organisation. The capitalism is a system based on profit, within the capitalism the workers are...
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