Theories of Aging

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Theories of aging

The disengagement and the activity theory were the two major theories that outlined successful aging in the early 1960s.The disengagement theory was created by Cumming and Henry and the activity theory was developed by Robert J. Havighurst both in 1961 however these theory’s are very different. The disengagement theory of aging states that people are more likely to withdraw from life as they get older because of their decrease in physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills and their abilities to do certain things, their interests and expectations of how they should behave lower. It suggests that they willingly retire from work, relationships and disengage from roles, preferring to follow an inactive life and freely give up their traditional, normal ways of behaving, becoming less and less friendly and companionable and sometimes hostile in their interactions. The theory claims that it is natural and acceptable for older adults to withdraw from society as they go through changes that will change their life, Retirement is an expected life event in everyone’s life and can effect the elderly very badly as they may not go out anymore or interact with anyone this will lower their social skills and could make them feel as though they don’t have anyone to talk to making them feel depressed and lonely, disengaging could lead to the individual developing dementia, depression or any other mental conditions. The Elderly may disengage because of their physical state they may be unable to get out of the house and meet people because of disability or mental condition, they could also be unhappy with the way they look as their appearance will change they may become more wrinkly and get grey hair making them feel older this could lower their self esteem The activity theory argues that older people need to stay mentally and socially active in order to limit the risk associated with disengagement and doing this will make the aging process delay and the...
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