Theories of ageing - Kerry Katona

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P4/M2- Explain two theories of ageing and relate to the development of the individual

One theory of ageing could be social disengagement. Being engaged would mean that an individual is involved with people and activities, being social and enjoying what they can. Disengagement means that an individual will withdraw themselves from this and they will no longer involve themselves with social activities.

in 1961 two authors named Cumming and Henry spoke about a disengagement theory that said as people get older they would naturally tend to withdraw from social involvement. Old age restricted their opportunities and they were able to do a lot less than before. For example, ill-health is very common in old age and this could then mean that social involvement may be very hard for an individual as they find it difficult to hear or see.

Cumming stated how older people would have less of a social involvement as they got older and that this was natural. He felt that it was healthy for elderly individuals to disengage from others as this was all part of ageing.

As Kerry Katona gets older she is likely to go through one of the many ageing theories that there are. It is likely that she could go through the social disengagement theory. Kerry is in the public eye and has many celebrity friends. If she was to retire from work this may then mean that she will have less contact with her famous friends as she will no longer be in the public eye and around them. She will not be working so it will be less likely that she will be around the type of people that she currently associates herself with once she has retired.

Many individuals gain ill-health in their older age. If Kerry was to have problems with her hearing when older then this could disengage her from social involvements. She may not feel comfortable around individuals if she cannot hear properly as she will constantly have to ask for them to repeat themselves which can be very annoying, It may be a lot easier...
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