Theories of Ageing

Topics: Gerontology, Old age, Middle age Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Major theories of ageing in relation to the development of an individual As an individual grows older they get more withdrawn from the rest of society. The society actually rejects older people from a lot of activities. It is part of growing older and it is a way of distancing yourself from people before you die. Therefore the two major theories examine what causes an individual to distance themselves from this the rest of the people. The social disengagement theory basically examines the development of an individual and how it influences their development as they grow older. The activity theory of ageing examines how an individual continues to be attached to their normal routine of life. The two theories suggest two different things which two different individuals might have an impact on. The social disengagement theory would affect the personality of an individual because they are disengaging from the rest of the society and they become lonelier. Loneliness would impact in their lives because they have no one that pays interest to what they want and what makes them happy. Once the individual isolates themselves from the rest of the society, everybody who was close distances themselves. The social disengagement theory suggests that it is normal for older people to withdraw from the society and it becomes part of their life. This would not be very accurate because it causes the individual to be more stressed. They would be more stressed because they are disengaging from the society and they are getting hold of the fact that they might be dying and nobody cares about their existence anymore. This would be depressing to the individual and it would be more appropriate that they be active as the time to live would be less and it would be healthier not to be stressed and depressed from being lonely and disengaging from the society. The suggestion of the disengagement theory does not help the individual to feel good about them but it makes them feel that they are...
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